Port Entry Systems

Stealth Port Entry System

The vitrectomy market is starting to see a gradual shift to valved port entry systems becoming a standard part of each case versus the exception. To support this shift, Synergetics is excited to launch the 23ga and 25ga Valved Stealth Port Entry Systems. These systems contain the same Stealth blade design found in the non-valved systems, however, contain a unique valve cap design. The valve cap is made from preformed, cast silicone. Each cap is black in color to help provide contrast off the sclera.

  • Available in 23ga and 25ga
  • Concave cap design for increased sealing capability and easy insertion of instruments
  • Low durometer silicone for minimal instrument drag and easy instrument transfer
  • Single slit in the valve cap for decreased leaking
  • Bulb features on valve surface to decrease inversion of the valve cap during removal of instruments

ONE-STEP™™ Port Entry System

  • Available in 20ga, 23ga and 25ga
  • Razor Technology™ offers surgeons a much cleaner insertion
  • Results in ONE-STEP™ sutureless surgery
  • Prevents leaking
  • Available in steel or polyimide
  • Valved or non-valved

MVR Blade

  • Now offered for the first time in smaller gauges
  • Available in 20ga, 23ga and 25ga