Other Products

Synergetics offers a complete line of miscellaneous instruments to support almost any need of retinal surgeons. All of our products are developed with the innovation and quality you’ve come to expect from Synergetics.

Bipolar Cautery

  • Available in 23ga and 25ga
  • Completely disposable
  • Allows for bloodless cutting during surgery


Synergetics has packaged everything you need for office injections into one complete sterilized I-PACK™, saving you hours of ordering time, reducing and organizing your inventory and saving preparation and cleanup time.

  • 18060/18061/18062
  • Sterile, prepackaged kit reduces risk of infection
  • Handy plastic tray also serves as a povidone-iodine solution reservoir

Iris Retractors

Synergetics offers top quality iris retractors in both reusable and disposable versions; both feature flexible, easily retractable nylon hooks and flat case bottoms for easy extraction.

  • Disposable Flexible Translimbal Iris Retractors
    • Five retractors per set in case one retractor is dropped
    • Soft silicone
  • Reusable Flexible Translimbal Iris Retractors
    • Autoclaveable
    • Five retractors per set in case one retractor is dropped
    • Unique flexible reusable retractor recommended for up to three uses