Synergetics’ line of high-quality surgical instrumentation has options to fit nearly every retinal surgeon’s needs, whether fully reusable, fully disposable or somewhere in between. Not only is our instrumentation line comprehensive, it is affordable, with quality products that fit your budget. We also offer an extensive line of tips which have been developed to meet the stringent specifications of surgeons around the world.

Syntrifugal (D) tip

  • Large and small handle designed to maximize options
  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue
  • Combines a reusable titanium handle with a disposable tip
  • Available in 20ga, 23ga, 25ga and 27ga

Premium Instrumentation

Our fully reusable premium instruments deliver unparalleled consistency and performance.   Key features that vastly improve surgical performance, include:

  • Large and small squeeze handles
  • Titanium, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Color-coded and etched serial numbers for quick and easy identification
  • Linear closure
  • Handle and nosecone separate for thorough and easy cleaning
  • Available in 20ga, 23ga and 25ga

Apex Instrumentation

This economical, reusable line features quality stainless steel tips, titanium handles and one solid piece design with linear closure.

  • Economical Alternative
  • Available in 20ga, 23ga and 25ga

Extrusion Set

With a reusable handle and an excellent selection of tips, the Synergetics extrusion set gives surgeons the ability to go both passive and active with the same instrument. With a well-made instrument handle and nine interchangeable tips, our extrusion set offers a variety of options and tip configurations.