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Pinnacle 360™°™

Synergetics knows that every surgeon’s hands are unique, and they need distinctive instruments to help them perform at the highest possible level of excellence. We’ve developed the fully disposable Pinnacle 360°™ handle to be actuated anywhere on the grip for complete 360° control, allowing surgeons to approach the retina from any angle. The ergonomically designed handle fits comfortably in the hand. It incorporates lightweight materials and requires reduced activation force, eliminating hand fatigue while delivering the responsiveness of a reusable instrument. The extensive line of tips will meet any surgical need.

All Pinnacle 360°™ forceps and scissors are finished with a blackening process that results in a virtually glare-free instrument. The Pinnacle line includes commonly used forceps such as Tano or Eckardt along with important but rarely used instruments such as foreign body forceps. As the micro-incision vitreoretinal surgery field advances, the Pinnacle 360°™ platform is designed to expand and continue comprehensively meeting the needs of surgeons.

Tip Configurations

Pinnacle 360°™ instruments are available in 20ga, 23ga, 25ga, 27ga and foreign body handles. Most tips are available in all gauge sizes and include:

  • Tano
  • Eckardt
  • Fine Tip Eckardt
  • Serrated Jaw Forceps
  • Pyramid Tip Forceps
  • Pick Forceps
  • Apte Corset Forceps
  • End Grasping Forceps
  • Tewari Omnicep Forceps
  • Horizontal Scissors
  • Vertical Scissors
  • Foreign Body Magnet
  • Foreign Body Forceps
  • BB Removal Forceps

Intuitive Identification

Offered in three basic types – forceps, scissors and foreign body instrumentation – the Pinnacle 360°™ platform has color-coded handles according to gauge size and is labeled by tip type to avoid any confusion on the mayo stand.

  • 20ga – Yellow
  • 23ga – Orange
  • 25ga – Teal
  • 27ga – Blue
  • Foreign Body - Purple